The French of Gentside and OhMyMag (Cerise group) to conquer the international market

by bold-lichterman

Almost six years after its creation, the Cerise Group, the publisher of male portals and feminine sets out to conquer the international market. From the start of 2015, the media group is tackling the second largest Internet user population in Europe, with the launch in Germany of its two brands. With a turnover of 4.5 million euros in 2014, and an EBITDA of 30%, “the economic model has been validated in France”, assures Denis Marchant, the co-founder and CEO of the Group based in Tourcoing (Nord ) and Paris.

Other targeted markets for the course of 2015, Spain and Mexico, with the Spanish-speaking versions of the two sites renamed and The group, which entered the OJD ranking at the end of 2014, securing 23rd and 38th place respectively, with 14 and 10 million visits for Gentside and Ohmymag, is now ahead of the other media start-up MeltyGroup. By forging partnerships with agencies in Germany and Spain to reach “CSPs 25-49 years old”, the objective is to “duplicate and become an international digital media group”.

Tailor-made content for businesses

In Germany, the feminine OhMyMag will rub against Feminine owned by giant Axel Springer. But the partner Pierre Orlac’h, director in charge of brand publishing, knows that the two portals cross the Rhine and the Pyrenees accompanied by a solid portfolio of brands (Adidas, Heineken, Pierre et Vacances and Volkswagen), acquired in France, which he wants to “support in their international issues”. The Cerise group is also completing the finalization of its “Shard” offer, namely tailor-made sites “to help brands become media”.

Especially since on the income side, the development of commercial offers to companies will soon bring in more than the clicks of CPM advertising. For the time being, the shares are balanced: “Classic non-video advertising represents a third, video revenues a third, and special offers from native advertising in one-two or three-shot a third ”, details Benjamin Tolman, one of the two historical co-founders since 2008. A fundamental trend, when, in the USA, two-thirds of advertisers are already planning to increase their spending on this integrated advertising content without any graphic break in the editorial flow, representing for 2015 a windfall of 4.3 billion dollars.

The Tinder of the video

For the group, its cherry of the year should also be its new social video platform called “KOL”, devoted to “the discovery of content on mobile”, but whose results on Android and iOS are clearly insufficient according to first users. “We will strengthen the teams because we have performance problems. We must be like on a television, ”promises Benjamin Tolman.

Ultimately, this new mobile and Internet interface should become “a video Tinder”. The objective in the coming months will be to attract new media broadcasters and new video creators who would not find their place on YouTube and Dailymotion.