The French IT security gendarme fears a succession of surprise cyber attacks

by bold-lichterman

The director of Anssi, the French gendarme of computer security, Guillaume Poupard, fears a ” succession of massive surprise attacks“, Considering that all the technical elements are there for a“ cyber-Pearl Harbor ”. ” We fear and wish to avoid a succession of massive surprise attacks. All the technical elements are available, all you have to do is have the will and light the first fuse ”, worries the director of the National Agency for the Security of Computer Systems, in an interview with Parisian, Friday night.

Attacks by state actors ”

Mr. Poupard warns against two threats, “information theft” and “sabotage”. ” As the geopolitical context deteriorates, some countries may one day have the temptation to attack us with cyber attacks“, He warns. The boss of Anssi explains having ” detected attacks by state, private or terrorist actors who do not yet aim to destroy but to establish themselves and especially to study computer systems “In three important sectors:” energy, telecoms and transport“. ” For example, we must anticipate terrorist attacks which would involve in 10 years an aircraft whose system has been hacked.“, He continues.

The French government also announced on Friday its intention to strengthen ” mobile network security To prevent any attempt to spy or sabotage the next generation 5G mobile. This proposal comes against a backdrop of mistrust of the world’s number one equipment manufacturer, Chinese Huawei, and fears about the possible use of its equipment by Chinese intelligence services, expressed in particular by the United States.