The Franco-American young shoot Volterra bought for 500 million dollars by F5

by bold-lichterman

The American F5 Networks bought Volterra for 500 million dollars (including 440 million in cash), at the same time acquiring the tricolor nugget Acorus Networks. Acorus Networks had merged, in July 2019, with the American Volterra.

Acorus Networks, founded in 2014 by Benjamin Schilz and Raphaël Maunier and a French specialist in protection against computer attacks via server overloading, completely falls under the American fold through this operation. ” This kind of operation is inevitable and even desirable for the chain of innovation and risk capital to function. It is a good thing that French start-ups are recognized internationally and that they acquire this ability to deploy through American partnerships. Americans are bigger than us and will remain so for some time to come in the internet infrastructure market ”, highlights to our microphone Marc Rougier, partner at Elaia.

The Elaia investment fund led an investment round of 5 million euros in 2018 for Acorus Networks. The acquisition now allows the investment fund to exit the company, which still held shares in the merged entity through a share swap. ” It’s a cash out, we sell our shares.

The Californian company Volterra was founded in 2017 by Ankur Singla and specializes in the very buoyant “edge computing” market, which consists of computer networks developed to complement the cloud.

United States and China competing in the cloud

Nasdaq side, F5 is a multi-cloud application delivery and security company. With this acquisition, F5 expects first quarter 2021 revenue growth of around 10% with revenue between $ 623 million and $ 626 million and wants create a platform designed for enterprises and service providers that will be security-focused and application-based with unlimited scale. ” The entire cloud infrastructure represents a massive market in the order of 1 trillion dollars per year and growing at more than 10% per year. The most powerful players in the market are Americans, but Chinese companies Alibaba and Huawei are coming in force ”, explains Marc Rougier.

Find the full interview with Marc Rougier, partner at Elaia:

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