The founders of MinuteBuzz and TF1 bury the hatchet

by bold-lichterman

This is the end of the conflict between Maxime Barbier and Laure Lefèvre, founders of Vertical Station (ex-MinuteBuzz) to TF1, owner of the brand, following their eviction from their company.

The audiovisual group finally agrees to increase to 100% of the capital and therefore to buy back the shares of the two founders. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. At the end of 2016, TF1 had acquired a majority stake in MinuteBuzz then rose to around 70%. But during a general meeting held last October, Maxime Barbier and Laure Lefèvre were ousted from the company, a few days before their earn-out clause.

Last December, we had just received the two founders to come back to this episode.

Results altered by the Facebook algorithm

As a reminder, the reason given for this eviction was the poor results recorded by Vertical Station. The media had indeed seen its results altered in recent years, in particular by a strong dependence on Facebook, whose algorithm has reduced the visibility of the content offered by MinuteBuzz. However, the shareholders’ agreement provided for turnover to be multiplied by five in 2019.

MinuteBuzz was a risky investment for TF1 at the end of 2016, who could not ignore this strong dependence on audience figures from MinuteBuzz, but who did not hesitate to pay nearly 9 million to acquire the start-up which achieved the same year 3.1 million euros in turnover. ‘business. This acquisition was the way for TF1 to consolidate its position of ” Content Market Place ” Sylvia Tassan Toffola, Deputy Managing Director for Commercial Operations at TF1 Publicité, explained at the time. A know-how that TF1 lacked.

Now, Olivier Abecassis has taken over the presidency of Vertical Station alongside Nicolas Capuron, appointed to the post of Managing Director.