The Elior group is betting on the start-up Touch And Play to digitize restaurants

by bold-lichterman

Touch And Play, a start-up that develops digital tools for points of sale, has just raised 1.1 million euros from private investors and the Elior group. The start-up specifies that this is a minority stake. This group specializing in catering – which has more than 108,000 employees worldwide and has achieved more than 5.6 billion euros in turnover – will allow the start-up to accelerate. In the past, the company had already completed a funding round of 300,000 euros in 2013.

Digitize management

Founded in 2012 by Pierre Méric, Touch And Play is developing a management platform for the hotel and restaurant sectors. This is available in several distinct applications intended for merchants, servers, or customers in order to manage all the processes.

The company explains that the solution offers in particular to manage activity, stocks, reservations, update the cards, notify the servers when meals are ready to be served or even to divide the bill according to the number of people at the table. For their part, customers can book a table via a white label application and even pre-order meals.

With such a concept, Touch And Play addresses a market coveted by other players more or less on the same positioning. For example, the start-up Wynd, which raised 1.8 million euros in 2014, is also developing point-of-sale “digitalization” solutions.

Supported by the Welcome City Lab

“The solution developed by Touch And Play is perfectly in line with our approach to offer a seamless experience, adapted to the expectations of our consumers so that their break becomes a unique moment”, declares Philippe Salle, CEO of Elior Group.

“Supported by the innovation and financing ecosystem, Telecom Paris, Welcome City lab and Paris & Co as well as Bpifrance, we are now reaching a new milestone. Elior Group will allow us to go faster. The contribution is financial, but also business. The challenge now will be speed of execution, which is the key to digital transformation, ”adds Pierre Méric, founder of Touch And Play.

CEO: Pierre Meric

Creation: 2012

The head office : Issy les Moulineaux

Activity: point of sale digitization tools

Funding: 1.4 million euros

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos