The CSA to control Dailymotion and YouTube?

by bold-lichterman

BRIEF – It is in a 55-page report submitted to Jean-Marc Ayrault and Aurélie Filippetti, of which the Express has obtained a copy, that the Superior Audiovisual Council proposes an extension of its field of action to internet giants of online video. First among them: Dailymotion and YouTube, a Google subsidiary with whom relations have already been strained recently with the Minister of Culture on the funding of the online press.

The administrative authority wants to put the two players to work for the funding of European works, while they increasingly offer to open “official” accounts to attract content creators and promote them. The objective would therefore be to change the law “so as to include service distributors within the meaning of French law” according to L’Express citing the report which would also propose to integrate application sales platforms such as the AppStore or GooglePlay Store.

“These distributors would be obliged to offer the content of publishers under fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory conditions” according to the extracts reported by the magazine. Direct consequence: they would be forced to offer video on demand offers.