The CNIL wants to host the health data entrusted to Microsoft in the EU

by bold-lichterman

The CNIL recalled on Thursday its recommendations concerning the Health Data Hub being set up and in particular its wish that it be hosted in the long term by an IT service provider in the European Union. The Cnil ” would like, given the sensitivity of the data in question, that its hosting and the services related to its management can be reserved for entities coming exclusively under the jurisdiction of the European Union “, she said in a briefing note.

The CNIL also recalls a series of other recommendations made recently on this issue, such as its wish for a ” particular vigilance “ on the conditions of storage and the methods of access to the data. The Health Data Hub, currently being set up by the State, is a warehouse of “pseudonymized” data from the French health system. They are made available to researchers for their projects. The warehouse was launched in the wake of the Villani report on artificial intelligence, which called for initiatives to “ free data “ and make them more accessible to new artificial intelligence systems, for new research and discovery.

“OVHCloud is extremely motivated”

The State chose to entrust the hosting of the data of the Health Data Hub to the American giant Microsoft, believing that the French actors of the “cloud” (dematerialized computing) did not offer the necessary services for a good functioning of the platform. This decision taken without advertising is today contested by French players such as OVHCloud. The group says it was unable to access the detailed specifications needed to be able to stand as a candidate. “OVHCloud is extremely motivated” to meet the requirements of the Health Data Hub, “ because beyond business (important), we talk about our data, to you and me ”, explained on June 1 Octave Klaba, president of OVHCloud, in a series of tweets on the subject.

Several associations, including the National Free Software Council, attacked the government decree accelerating the establishment of the Health Data Hub before the State Council. They believe that the hosting of this data at Microsoft constitutes a “serious and manifestly illegal infringement of the right to respect for private life and the right to data protection ”. The Council of State will render its decision on this summary release at the end of next week.