The CNIL fined Google for Street View, 100,000 euros!

by bold-lichterman

CNIl announcement this morning have carried out a series of checks on the massive collection of technical data on Wi-Fi networks that Google has been carrying out for years via its Google cars. They are done in particular for services Google maps, Street view and Latitude. It therefore verified the compliance of these processing operations with the “Data Protection Act” and noted that, in passing, Google vehicles retrieve data passing through the WI-FI networks of individuals without their authorization.

The CNIL fined Google for Street View 100000 euros“These checks revealed various shortcomings such as the collection of Wi-Fi data without the knowledge of the persons concerned and the capture of so-called” content “data (identifiers, passwords, connection data, email exchanges)”.

As a reminder, in May 2010, the CNIL gave notice to Google to stop collecting data via WI-FI and to send it all the information retrieved. Google provided this data which was analyzed. The CNIL having asked Google to rectify the situation and the American company not having responded within the deadline, Google was fined 100,000 €.