The city has become an unbearable necessity

by bold-lichterman

Bruno Marzloff is a sociologist, specialist in the city and mobility, founded Chronos research institute who is particularly interested in questions of town planning and its evolution.
I met Bruno precisely 18 years ago when I was doing my final thesis, he then kindly received me and helped me with my project around time as a key success factor in the 21st century.
Today I receive him to talk about his favorite subject, namely, the city.

We had already spoken with Stéphane Hugon on a return to nature and naturalness but here we dive much more into what constitutes the contradictions of the city.

Indeed, I see in my personal desires and those of my friends, an impossible desire to want to find nature while enjoying the advantages of the city, I have the feeling that there is a movement towards more naturalness and so that’s what we’re talking about together.

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