The Chti’s of Dagoma raise 3 million to develop the 3D printer “made in France”

by bold-lichterman

  • The northern manufacturer of 3D printers Dagoma has just completed a first round of funding of 3 million euros to strengthen its workforce and open a center near Bordeaux.
  • The company claims to have sold more than 4,000 3D printers designed and manufactured in France.
  • The Roubaix-based start-up has just joined the premises of the Blanchemaille cluster, a new business cluster led by EuraTechnologies.

The amount

Dagoma, manufacturer of 3D printers based in Roubaix, announces a fundraising of 3 million euros from Olivier Leclercq, as main investor. The latter is the former president of Decathlon and the founder of the Olivarius hotels. This is the first round table of the northern company since its creation two years ago.

The market

Founded in 2014 by Matthieu Régnier and Gauthier Vignon, the start-up specializes in the manufacture and marketing of 3D printers. It offers a kit model for 299 euros or a ready-to-use version for 399 euros. To date, the company claims to have sold more than 4,000 3D printers designed and manufactured in France.

However, Dagoma is far from being the only company positioned in the kit 3D printer market. In recent years, French players have multiplied in this sector. SpiderBot, which produces “Delta” type 3D printers in Burgundy, Tobeca, which designs open source 3D printers, 3D Modular Systems or E-motion Tech. are all alternatives that attack the Dagoma segment.

The objectives of the Start-up

With this first fundraising, Dagoma plans to recruit 15 employees to pass the bar of 40 employees in the company by the end of 2016. In addition, the start-up is preparing to open its first Dago ‘in the coming days. Center in Pessac, near Bordeaux, to cover the southern part of France. In its stronghold of Roubaix, Dagoma is also thinking bigger. The start-up has just moved into new premises within the brand new Blanchemaille cluster, also located in Roubaix and managed by EuraTechnologies.

Founders: Matthieu Régnier and Gauthier Vignon

Seat : Roubaix

Creation date : 2014

Workforce: 26 employees

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