The American GoPro buys the French Kolor and relies on “immersive media”

by bold-lichterman

To reinforce the panoramic video, GoPro bet on a French. The American company has just offered Kolor, a Savoyard company based near Chambéry founded in 2004. Its cameras and software allow you to make panoramic and 360 ° videos as well as virtual tours. She has developed a precise know-how in terms of collaborative editing of videos and photos for panoramic rendering. The amount of this repurchase has not been disclosed.

Kolor had generated a little more than 2 million euros in turnover in 2013 for a net profit of 7,100 euros then around 2 million euros in revenue in 2014. The company’s headquarters will remain in Savoie, where its 26 employees will continue to work.

“This is a unique opportunity to allow both amateur and professional users to access the cutting-edge technologies that we are developing. We will thus have the necessary resources to fully engage in what we do not hesitate to call the next digital revolution: the immersive media ”, hastened to affirm Alexandre Jenny, co-founder of Kolor with Lionel Laissus. Following this takeover, it becomes ” Senior Director Immersive Media Solutions From GoPro. The buyout operation will be completed in May.

The hardware and software marketed by Kolor make it possible to create videos of landscapes or cities that the viewer can explore using a smartphone, a dedicated video player or a virtual reality headset. The company is working with other companies on a prototype spherical TV to watch 360 ° videos and counts among its customers Adidas and Dubai360.

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