The 7 sectors that will be upset by the arrival of autonomous cars

by bold-lichterman

The booming autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle market is expected to generate $ 77 billion in revenue in 2035, according to a study of the Boston Consulting Group. Nearly a quarter of new cars sold will then be autonomous or semi-autonomous, according to the consulting firm’s estimates.

It is therefore potential new sources of income for car manufacturers. In July 2016, the number of new car registrations in France fell by 9.6% compared to July 2015, according to figures from the Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA).

Contrary to what one might think, the automotive market will not be the only one to be impacted by the arrival of self-driving cars. Crowd Companies, an American association specializing in innovation in the collaborative economy and smart objects sectors, analyzed the impact of a massive adoption of autonomous vehicles on all sectors. She identified seven.

New business models to find

Insurance professionals will also see their current model, based on protecting individuals against “human error”, reach its limits. Redefining the responsibility of automobile manufacturers in the event of an accident, taking into account the technical risks associated with autonomous functions: it is the insurance profession as a whole that will have to be rethought, and there are others.

While it will certainly take a few more years to see certain indirect effects of the phenomenon (such as the reconfiguration of cities in favor of green spaces), the analysis highlights the interdependence of markets in the current economy. We can thus see to what extent the effects of an innovation on a given market also shake up the codes of other peripheral markets.

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