The 4 smartphones not to be missed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

by bold-lichterman

As tradition dictates, the big players in the telecoms industry, with the exception of Apple and Samsung, which presented its foldable screen smartphone last week, are meeting at the start of the year in Barcelona to present their latest innovations on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the high mass of mobile telephony. On the sidelines of this event, which is now of greater importance than the CES in Las Vegas in the eyes of professionals in the sector, manufacturers are increasing the announcements. As expected, the foldable display models supporting 5G are the stars of the Spanish show which opens on Monday. Focus on the four smartphones that are doing well

Huawei hits back at Samsung with $ 2,299 foldable screen model

While Apple enthusiasts complained about the ever more astronomical prices of the iPhone, they will not be able to console themselves with the new innovative devices from Samsung and Huawei. Last week, the South Korean firm struck hard by becoming the first major manufacturer to launch a foldable screen smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, which will be marketed at 1,745 euros. A price that was thought to be a record, but Huawei unsheathed on the eve of the opening of the Mobile World Congress a foldable terminal, the Mate X, compatible with future 5G networks, which will be sold for 2,299 euros.

The 4 smartphones not to be missed at the Mobile
Credits: Huawei.

After a year 2018 marked by suspicions of espionage expressed by the United States and several allied countries (Australia, New Zealand …), the Chinese firm wants to be talked about again in terms of innovation. And for that, it presented a model that, when folded, reveals two screens: a front screen of 6.6 inches and a rear screen of 6.38 inches. Once unfolded, the two together form an 8-inch surface to transform the smartphone into a mini-tablet.Apple-converted-space “>

The 4 smartphones not to be missed at the Mobile
Credits: Xiaomi.

Main partner of the Chinese group for the design of the Mi Mix 3 5G, Qualcomm took advantage of Xiaomi’s conference at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to extol the merits of 5G, highlighting its qualities for reducing latency and improving performance. online gaming experience. And Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm, assures us: “5G is here. Not in 2020, not at the end of 2020. It’s here in 2019! 2019 is the year of 5G. ” To prove it, Xiaomi launched a live video call with its partner Orange Spain. But the experience was not very convincing … To judge for yourself, the Mi Mix 3 5G will be marketed in France from the month of May from 599 euros.

Sony presents 4 new models to relaunch XperiaApple-converted-space “>

1605240090 833 The 4 smartphones not to be missed at the Mobile
Credits: Sony Xperia.

Spearheading this new range of devices, the Xperia X1 should delight moviegoers by being the first terminal in the world with a 4K HDR OLED panel. The device also offers a 6.5 inch “CinemaWide” screen in 21: 9 format, with a definition of 3840 x 1644 pixels. Best of all, the Xperia X1 features Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 processor, which can be found in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 5G. Enough to watch movies and series on Netflix in the best conditions… To enjoy it, however, you will have to pay 999 euros.

Behind the Xperia X1, we find the Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus, which are slightly less ambitious models with smaller screens, but keeping the 21: 9 aspect ratio. The Xperia 10 (5.9 inches) has the Snapdragon 630 processor while the Xperia 10 Plus (6.5 inches) is equipped with the Snapdragon 660. The two models will be available in March at 349 and 429 euros respectively. The latest, the Xperia L3, is equipped with a 5.7-inch LCD screen and a MediaTek MT6762 processor. It should be sold around 200 euros by Sony.1605240091 543 The 4 smartphones not to be missed at the Mobile

Credits: Nokia.

The most accessible, the Nokia 1 Plus, will be sold at 99 euros. Running Android Go, the terminal has a 5.45-inch IPS LCD screen and will embed a MediaTek MT6739WW processor. Above, Nokia offers the Nokia 3.2 at 149.90 euros. This model offers a 6.26-inch screen in 19: 9 format and is equipped with the Snapdragron 429 processor. The Nokia 4.2 brings up the rear with a model slightly more advanced than the previous one with a Snapdragron 439 processor. The terminal however stands out in embedding a fingerprint sensor and offering unlocking with facial recognition. It will be available from 189 euros.