The 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Who is launches its app for locating zen places… Brainsonic launches the app CaptainPost for Yammer users …Coupons launches its iPhone application… Zoom on 3 applications to discover.

The 3 applications to discover

Quies launches its app for locating zen places

Facebook application Quiet Quies, created by the famous brand of earplugs Who is, offers users of the social network to discover, share, and evaluate what they consider to be the most zen places in the world.

The principle is simple: each Internet user offers a place, in different themes (nature, aquatic, fun, …) by associating a comment. Community members can then vote for the places they prefer. Quiet Quies, which also plans to organize contests to encourage Internet users to post more quality places, takes full advantage of Facebook’s viral features: sharing with his friends, consulting his friends’ favorite places, likes, etc.

In the end, Quiet Quies aims to become a real “interactive directory of Quietitude”.

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Bons-de-Reduction launches its iPhone application, the reference site for promo codes, launches its first application mobile, available today on iPhone mobiles.
In addition to the possibility of taking advantage of Coupon services from his smartphone, such as consulting good deals, promotions and consumer reviews, the user can synchronize all the information of his member account directly from his application, and there find your research preferences, favorites and opinions.

However, there is a lack of a geolocation service for offers, which is rather a shame for a mobile application of this kind.

The Coupons-Reduction application is available for free on ios.

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Brainsonic launches CaptainPost app for Yammer users

As part of a strategy around Yammer, Brainsonic announces the launch of CaptainPost, a web application designed to facilitate sharing between Yammer groups, whether internal or external (with the ecosystem of the user company for example).

Dedicated to community managers who manage several networks at the same time, the application is available on theApp-Directory from Yammer.

Founded in 2008 and now integral part of Microsoft Office, Yammer is an enterprise social network that helps facilitate collaboration, improve productivity, and socialize intranets. Running on a freemium model, Yammer claims more than 200,000 business users worldwide.

The Yammer App Directory provides businesses with a way to discover new business applications and install them directly from the platform.

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