The 10 news of the week

by bold-lichterman

Vente-Privée offers itself to the Théâtre de Paris… The Chiefs Content Officers are arriving in France… Obama is eyeing foreign startups… The Accelerator is raising funds… 10 news highlights of the week:

  • The sentence of the week : “I do not want to sell off culture, but fill the rooms” affirmed Jacques-Antoine Granjon when he unveiled the annual results of Vente-Privée at the Théâtre de Paris, which had just bought 6M €.

private sale banner

  • The unusual start-up of the week : Discovery of Kuhonga, a Kenyan anti-corruption platform in Africa, presented by Abdoulaye Diagne in our Dakar column.
  • Discovery of the week : They are content experts and, at a time when brand content is in full swing, the biggest American companies are snatching them away at a high price … For the most part, former journalists, they are becoming more and more essential in a logic of global corporate strategy … Focus on Chief Content Officer !
  • The highly controversial ranking of the week : Le Figaro published this week the first ranking of web schools. Taken up by Frenchweb, the results of this classification have been more or less contested. The debate is open !


  • The number of the week : 9. This is the figure in billions of emails sent worldwide by in 2012.
  • Announcement of the week : In search of new nuggets, Obama announces that he is in favor of the creation of a special start-up visa.
  • The event of the week : Succession of twists and announcements, against a background of tensions with the web giants during the Midem. The opportunity also to discover new young shoots with the Midem Lab.
  • The decryption of the week : The group eBuzzing first released its financial results this week. The group took the opportunity to detail its international growth strategy. Here, the United States constitutes an essential first step: “The American market is not limited to the United States”, affirms Frédéric Montagnon, Director of Strategy.


  • The lifting of the week : “Fundraising has given us visibility over the years”. This is what Juan Hernandez, founder of Accelerator, which has just completed an important round of funding with the Leclercq family.
  • Revelation of the week : Zoom on Pretty Simple, the social gaming prodigy start-up, which intends to record an 8-figure turnover in 2013 with its new investigative game Criminal Case.