The 10 news of the week

by bold-lichterman

The health, trend of the year 2013… The takeover of the Chinese start-up Zaizher by Viadeo… The fundraising of FitBit… The closure of Beezik Back to the 10 highlights of the week.

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The interview of the week: Arnaud Bourge, social media manager at Air France

Invited by FrenchWeb in the 4th episode of “Social Media Mag”, a monthly meeting devoted to social media and community management, Arnaud Bourge takes a look at Air France’s latest advances in this area. E-reputation, social media servicing, social commerce and social CRM will be part of the trip!

The story of the week: [FrenchWeb Story] Loïc Le Meur (LeWeb) remember…

Each week, FrenchWeb reconstructs the puzzle of the beginnings of the Web with its FrenchWeb Story revival. This time it’s up to Loïc le Meur, entrepreneur, columnist and organizer of the LeWeb conferences, to deliver a new piece to us by remembering how, in 1993, he literally went around the Web with Mosaic, the first browser.

The lifting of the week: $ 30M for FitBit

FitBit, a company based in San Francisco and positioned in the quantified-self market, raised € 30 million this week. This capital increase, whose investors are still unknown, would value the American company more than $ 300M.

The folder of the week: E-health, the virus is spreading in France!

This week, we take a look back at one of the trends for 2013 through this article devoted to the French e-health market. Significant figures, connected diagnostic tools, legislative framework… FrenchWeb examines this market of € 2.4 billion for you, notably with the testimony of Ronan Denoual, co-founder of Hospimedia.

The phrase of the week: “ Nerim is joining the ranks of the smallest of the big operators

It is pronounced by Cyril de Metz, president of Nerim, on the subject of the future of his company. FrenchWeb looks back on the year 2012 for Nerim through the dates and key figures of the Internet and Telecom BtoB operator, which in 2012 generated € 26 million in turnover and which has 25,000 customers.

The “3 questions to” of the week: Olivier Fécherolle / China is the most dynamic market for Viadeo

New format for FrenchWeb which asks 3 questions every day to a web actor. This week, we will remember the reaction of Olivier Fécherolle, CEO of Viadeo France, after the takeover by the professional network of the Chinese start-up publishing mobile applications Zaizher.

Decryption of the week: Mobile advertising in 2013

While the global mobile advertising market could weigh $ 12.8 billion in 2013, against $ 8 billion in 2012, FrenchWeb lists the main publications on the subject: types of players, global mapping of exposure to mobile advertising, forecasts…

The number of the week: 943

This is, in millions of euros, what the dematerialized cultural goods market represents according to the results of theConsumer Choices study conducted by GfK for 2012. This figure should cross the billion euros mark in 2013.


The expert column of the week: Oui, the journalist must be marketer! Through Cyril Frank

Cyrille Frank is interested here in the upheavals of the journalist profession. Greater interactivity, surveys, editorialization of comments … To assume its primary role, namely to inform the greatest number, the latter is indeed obliged to use techniques formerly reserved “for the marketing guys”!

The bad news of the week: The Beezik online music site voluntarily closes its doors

Interviewed by FrenchWeb, Jean Canzoneri, president, and Thomas Pasquet, CEO of BeeAd, the publisher of Beezik, tell us more about the reasons for the closure of the online music site. The BeeAd teams now want to focus on their core business, which is the distribution of advertising videos on the web.