ThankyouCharlie, the instant SMS gift, rewarded

by bold-lichterman

ThankyouCharlie, started by Dakotabox, specialist in gift boxes, last spring, has just won the Gold E-commerce Trophy in the mobile internet category. ThankyouCharlie is nominated for the next Fevad Favorite Night (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling).

The principle of ThankyouCharlie: offer a gift instantly via the mobile. All you have to do is choose a gift – between € 3 and € 20 on average – from a range of products ranging from bunch of flowers to breakfast at home. An SMS is then sent to the lucky chosen one, invited to pick up his gift in one of the partner stores.

ThankyouCharlie the instant SMS gift rewarded

Close to the Groupon model, ThankyouCharlie has tied more than 500 trade agreements in Paris, and is deployed in several large cities in France. The company, which has closed nearly 1,000 sales, earns a commission as a business provider. The version is available on Iphone.

Interview with Olivier Chanut, Co-founder and CEO of ThankyouCharlie