TextMe Up, an application to manage several numbers on the same phone

by bold-lichterman

“We are trying to make the phone app work like an email app,” explains Frenchweb Julien Decot, chief revenue officer at TextMe. This Californian start-up founded by French already offers a messaging and video calling application.

Now, with its new version, it also wants to tackle the management of telephone numbers. “Everything has changed on smartphones since they were invented (…) except for one application which happens to be the only one pre-installed on all phones in the world, regardless of the operating system: the phone application », Explains to Frenchweb Julien Decot.

Manage multiple phone numbers

With TextMe Up, the company intends to offer its users the ability to manage several phone numbers from the application. For example, these may be personal and professional numbers in the same country, or two numbers from two different countries. Other start-ups like OnOff also offer similar services.

The company, which claims 35 million users who have installed the application since its creation, is remunerated by the marketing of advertising space, a virtual currency system, and the sale of products. “We are a profitable, self-financed company which is destined to remain so.” More details with Julien Decot, chief revenue officer at TextMe.

Founders: Christophe Bach, Frédéric Benqué, Edouard Munck, Grégory Kokanosky

Creation: 2011

The head office : San Francisco

Funding: self-financed business

Activity: messaging app