Telecoms: Virgin Mobile wants to be a player in market consolidation

by bold-lichterman

Virgin Mobile is resisting. In any case, this is what emerges from the latest financial results published by the “full MVNO”.

Like traditional telecom operators, Virgin Mobile had to face the price war in the mobile market and saw its gross operating income fall by more than 16%, from 30 million euros to 25 million euros. euros during its 2012-2013 financial year. Free Mobile effect requires, the virtual operator also lost nearly 180,000 customers over the period.

Despite this double erosion, Virgin Mobile recorded, in one year, an increase in its turnover of 8%, to 560 million euros. The managing director of the operator, Pascal Rialland, also told AFP that Virgin Mobile could be “a player in the consolidation” of the market. In short, the full MVNO, which therefore issues its own SIM cards, could call on the support of banks to finance various acquisitions.

Still in an offensive logic, the virtual operator unveiled yesterday a new offer allowing consumers to spread the purchase of a smartphone over time. Customers will also be able to unsubscribe from a package without any penalty, but must nevertheless continue to pay monthly payments until full payment from the mobile terminal.

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