Telecom operators no longer want to be the government’s only cash cows

by bold-lichterman

The French Telecom Federation has just published a study commissioned from the Roland Berger firm to demonstrate its contribution to the French cultural sector. This initiative led by Pierre Louette, President of the FFT and Deputy CEO of Orange, follows the Lescure report. If the FFT does not discuss the need to finance the cultural sector, it wants balanced conditions of competition to be put in place between global groups and French players.

The report highlights that through taxes on private copying, operator taxes for public broadcasting, taxes on telecoms subscriptions and VOD taxes on the part of the operator, operators contribute 27% of public aid devoted to culture. Through this report, the telecom operators want to position themselves as a partner of culture and not as the enemy to be defeated as it has been the case in recent years. The finger is therefore pointing towards the OTT (Over The Top players: Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.) which benefit from the networks set up by the telecom operators, without any contribution.

The FFT does not hesitate to drive the point home, indicating that the OTTs take advantage of their dominant positions to expand on the cultural value chain and capture income, without contributing to the development of the sector and without being subject to executives. regulations of national actors.