Tech trends of 2015 according to Webmedia Group

by bold-lichterman

Webmedia Group published a slideshare on key trends of the year that will affect consumer habits, and just as much the strategy of your company.

This year, the most important security issues and questions are:

  • The protection of our data is increasingly threatened; new password solutions are developing
  • What are these new services that will help you protect the data on your smartphone, and how?
  • Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise and increasingly sophisticated. How is the Cloud impacted?

Key consumer equipment and products also have a good year ahead of them:

  • With the evolution of tablets and smartphones, media, marketing and advertising content must adapt to the iteration of these tools.
  • Digital content companies need to think about all the possible dimensions related to the context of what the person is doing, rather than the device they have in hand.

And of course, the essential “wearables”!

Few of the wearables are aimed at women despite some partnerships between designers and tech companies. Wearables that help track women’s health issues and their safety are expected to be booming over the coming year.

The children’s market will also be booming in 2015. These wearables will mainly be created with the aim of helping parents to watch their children, for example, through watches.

2015 will also see the market for “neuroenhancers” take off: they will help you improve your mood, or even make you more productive.