[Tech] News to remember: Torch, iWatch and Google’s 5 crazy projects

by bold-lichterman

The 10 million users of the Torch browser… The video presentation of the eBee drone by Parrot… The iWatch can be unmasked by the modifications to iOS7… Back to tech news.

Torch browser passes 10 million user mark

AT the shadow of the giants Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, some sailors make a place for themselves in the sun. This is the case of Torch, whose publisher announces today that it has won the loyalty of more than 10 million users every month.

Torch stands out from its competitors in particular by the presence of a practical download accelerator for low-speed connections and a listening and musical suggestion service based on YouTube and Vevo and which references nearly 5 million songs. Directly integrated into the browser via a widget, this service allows you to search, start reading or pause while continuing to browse.

Based on technology from Chrome, Torch launched on Mac last month.


Parrot presents in video the capabilities of eBee, senseFly’s professional drone

Parrot, specializing in the design of wireless mobile phone accessories for the general public and automotive manufacturers and suppliers, turned in 2012 to the drones and 3D mapping sectors. In addition to Pix4D, a specialist in digital 3D mapping, the French group recently acquired 57% of senseFly, a Swiss start-up based in Lausanne which has been marketing a professional drone since 2010, of which the video below gives an overview:

The iWatch betrayed by changes in the APIs of iOS7?

By reviewing the API Blutooth cure of his latest iOS, Apple offers two new possibilities for developers:

The first is theApple Notification Center Service that allows a Bluetooth device to directly access the iOS Action Center without going through a third-party application. Wireless terminals can therefore automatically receive any notification from a iPhone or a iPad. Ideal for consulting messages and emails from a connected watch for example …

The second is Preservation and Restoration Service which ensures that the Bluetooth device stays connected with the iOS device even when the iOS device is not active.

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