[Tech] News to remember: Pearltrees, Dropbox and augmented reality

by bold-lichterman

Developers could invest almost 2 billion euros in augmented reality in 2018 …App Store celebrates its 5th anniversary … Dropbox launches its offer for developers… The social curation application Pearltrees arrives on Android … Dell eyeing wearable computing… Back to tech news.

In 2018, 2 billion euros will be invested in augmented reality applications

According to forecasts by the American firm ABI Research, developers’ investments in augmented reality applications will total more than 520 million euros in 2013. These expenses should almost reach 2 billion in 2018.

According to ABI Research, cloud computing will be the primary growth engine for augmented reality. The firm also foresees the major role of technology in the development of the “Internet of Everything”, a later stage of the Internet of Things which will combine connected objects with the use of the Internet and mobile media.

Finally, the expansion of augmented reality, which was delayed took off, is closely linked to that of wearable computing: indeed, wearable requires new ways of viewing data, and brings about a new relationship between the user, his device, and the outside world.

French Pearltrees arrives on Android

Founded in 2009 by a team of six French people, PearlTrees is a “social curation” service, which allows its users to collect, classify and share their favorite content. The principle: each web page is represented by a pearl, which the Internet user can integrate into a folder called “pearltree” (pearl tree). Pearls from different users can be connected to each other through common pearls, and shared on social media. Today, the service has around 2 million monthly users.

On iOS since 2012, Pearltrees is now available for terminals operating under Android. The application offers the same functionalities as the web version, but also makes it possible to collect and share content from other applications installed on the user’s smartphone.


The App Store celebrates its 5th anniversary, and offers free applications and games

On July 10, 2008, the Apple application store was born. It then had around 500 applications, intended for the then iPhone and iPod touch.

Today theApp Store has come a long way, with a catalog of more than 900,000 applications, and more than 50 billion downloads.

To celebrate this anniversary and its success, Apple offers 5 applications for free download: Atlas du Monde, the Day One logbook, the How To Cook Everything recipe directory, the music application Traktor DJ and Over, which allows you to add from text to photos. On the gaming side, Badland, Tiny Wings, Infinity Blade II, Superbrothers, and the Disney Puzzle Get Started are free.


Dell could launch into wearable computing

According to The Guardian, the computer manufacturer Dell would be interested in the wearable computing market. Indeed, the PC market has been at half mast for several years: according to a study by the firm IDC, global sales of fixed and laptop computers should fall by 8% in 2013, and experience an even greater decline in 2014. On the contrary, on-board computing is a very promising sector: we can cite the connected watch of the Californian Pebble, which has sold 85,000 copies.

According to Sam Burd (Global VP of the PC section at Dell), the company must follow the wearable trend, which is attracting many high-tech giants, such as Google with its Google Glass, Sony (including the SmartWatch 2 was released two weeks ago) or Apple (which should soon announce its iWatch).

But so far, Dell hasn’t announced any products. Its orientation towards wearable is still in the planning stage.

Dropbox sets up a development platform and launches 2 new APIs

Dropbox wants to develop its service beyond just online file storage.

During its first developer conference, held yesterday, the company announced the implementation of its development platform “Dropbox Platform”.

Composed of two APIs, this platform should allow synchronization of all user data online: Sync API is designed to handle a variety of technical issues, so developers can focus only on their applications; Datastore API will help them build their apps by benefiting from a comprehensive system for storing and synchronizing user data, ranging from files to directories, to-do lists and other game statistics.

This real toolkit for developers is a new growth driver for Dropbox, which currently has 175 million users. Mailbox, acquired by Dropbox last March, is the first service to benefit from the Dropbox Platform, as an intermediary for the storage and sharing of attachments.


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