[Tech] News to remember: Google, Intel, Invoxia, and the end of NEC smartphones

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Intel buys the Israeli Omek Interactive, specialist in motion capture … Google will launch an Internet television service … NEC abandons the production of smartphones… Focus on tech news.

Intel acquires Omek Interactive, specialist in interactive recognition and motion tracking

Intel just got hold of Omek Interactive, an Israeli company specializing in capturing movements. The company produces software and development tools to recognize the movements of individuals. According to Le Monde Informatique, Guy Grimland, spokesperson for Intel in Israel, refuses to reveal the amount of the transaction, estimated between 30 and 40 million euros.

The manufacturer is closely interested in the computing of the senses (human / machine interaction technologies based on voice recognition, gestures or even eye-tracking), an area to which he has recently devoted a Investment Funds endowed with 76 million euros. The acquisition of Omek Interactive is another step forward for Intel in sense computing, at a time when the decline of the PC market seems inevitable.

Google may soon offer Internet TV service

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Mountain View firm is said to have approached large American media groups, to offer them the opportunity to broadcast their content under license via a television service on the Internet.

If online services like Netflix, Hulu or even Amazon already broadcast programs on demand, the Internet television project of Google is different: it would be a matter of offering Internet users, in addition to on-demand content, the channels’ existing programs, allowing them to “zap” from one channel to another as they would in front of a television.

This project is a new attempt by the Web giant to break into the field of television, after the dismal failure of the Google tv in 2011. According to the American daily, Google would not be alone in wanting to launch an online television service: its competitors Intel and Sony would work on similar projects.

NEC will no longer manufacture smartphones

The Japanese manufacturer NEC will abandon the manufacture of smartphones, according to the claims of the daily Nikkei. Long the leading manufacturer of mobile phones in Japan, the manufacturer has seen its market share reduced to only 5% at present; a decline that can be attributed to the success of the two giants Apple and Samsung, which succeeded in conquering the Japanese market, putting an end to the monopoly of local firms.

At the end of 2012, NEC had tried to get closer to the Chinese Lenovo, for the development and manufacture of its smartphones: the two companies not having found common ground, NEC decided to end this activity.


Launch of the new AudiOffice from Invoxia, compatible with all iOS and Android devices

The start-up Invoxia, specializing in user-oriented telecommunications products, today announces the launch of its new AudiOffice.

Launched at the start of 2012, the first AudiOffice, equipped with 4 speakers, 2 microphones and a fixed handset, allows calls to be made from the handset, their mobile line or their applications, with sound optimized for conferences and listening to music. However, it is only compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Today, the new AudiOffice has a universal connection and a micro-USB port allowing it to be connected to all terminals running iOS and Android. Its passive radiator enhances the sound quality for conference calls and listening to music. Operating through a Bluetooth connection to the devices mentioned, the new AudiOffice came with 3 USB cables for 299 euros on the website ofInvoxia.

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