[Tech] News to remember: Apple, Google Glass and Oodrive

by bold-lichterman

Tim Cook’s speech at the AllThings Digital conference… The partnership between Samsung and Google on Google Glass… The new version of Google Penguin… Back to tech news.

Apple: “open more APIs in the future”

Guest of the AllThings Digital conference last night, Tim Cook spoke at length the challenges currently facing the apple brand. Two weeks before the developer conference (WWDC), the boss of Apple hinted that this event would be an opportunity to unveil the future of OS X and iOS operating systems.

It was mentioned in particular the lack of openness of the latter which, faced with the progress of Android, would be detrimental for the development of new features (virtual keyboard, voice recognition, etc.). In response, Tim Cook admitted that he wanted to “open more APIs in the future” without compromising the customer experience.

The successor to Steve Jobs also mentioned the Apple TV, which has sold a total of 13 million copies, half of which last year, or even lip service to the iWatch. Without saying a word about a possible project, Tim Cook was content to say that he finds that wearing an object on the wrist is “natural”, tackling the Google Glass in passing: “I wear glasses because I have to wear it. I don’t know many people who wear them without having to. They must be light, discreet and reflect their style. I don’t think they can become a mass consumer product. “

The OLED display of Google Glass made by Samsung

According to Korea Time, the Korean manufacturer Samsung has been appointed by Mountain View to be the supplier of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens for Google Glass. Citing suppliers, the English-language newspaper affirms that “Samsung will supply its high-end OLED screens for Googles Glass. This is something huge since it means that Google will share confidential data with Samsung on its futuristic projects ”.

The CEO of Samsung Display, Kim Ki-nam, also mentioned this partnership during the Vancouver Display week, speaking of the interest of “OLED” for “augmented reality glasses type devices like Google Glass ”.

Sergey Brin_Google Glass_FrenchWeb

Open Source: Salesforce taunts Oracle by hiring Tom Lane, PostgreSQL contributor

While the relationship between Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, and Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce and former Oracle, are not really in good shape, the cloud computing company created in 1999 has just thumbed its nose at Redwood by recruiting Tom Lane.

Tom Lane is one of the main contributors to the PostgreSQL community, an open source database that offers an alternative to Oracle software… “I’m going to spend 75% of my time working on PostgreSQL (…) Salesforce wants to expand its use of Postgres and I will advise the team working on it, ”explains Tom Lane.

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13 years after its launch, Oodrive, specialized in the cloud, recorded a turnover of 25 million euros, up almost 50%, and claims more than 1 million end users.

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Expected since last March, the new version of Google Penguin is now available …

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