Tech for Good: Paul Duan, the founder of Bayes Impact, wants to establish the citizen public service

by bold-lichterman

For Society in December 2015, he was the “little genius” who “can overcome unemployment in France” with a shocking phrase: “With a simple algorithm, we can reduce unemployment by at least 10%.At the time, this little phrase had fascinated as well as annoyed. And for good reason, Paul Duan displayed aloud his ambition to eradicate the scourge that still plagues France. To date, the unemployment rate affects 9.1% of the working population, reinforcing the conviction of the young entrepreneur that it is possible to reduce it by the force of algorithms.

To put them at the service of the common good, Paul Duan created in 2014 the NGO – and not a start-up – in San Francisco. Beyond employment, this structure aims to tackle many issues that impact the daily lives of all citizens. Bayes Impact thus seeks to optimize the care pathways in hospitals, to fight against police violence in California or to make loans from micro-finance institutes more accessible in Africa.Napoleons which took place this summer in Arles from July 18 to 21, Paul Duan exposed his vision behind this idea and how it is possible to implement it in a context of mistrust vis-à-vis the giants of digital, Google and Facebook in the lead.