Tech for Good: “Emmanuel Macron must build a digital bridge between Silicon Valley and France”

by bold-lichterman

The giants of the Web have a role to play in the development of technology that serves the common good. In any case, this is the conviction of Satjiv Chahil, a pioneer in IT marketing, who notably went to IBM at the end of the 1970s, then to Apple. The writing of FrenchWeb took advantage of his time at Napoleons this summer in Arles to meet him.

It is sometimes difficult to sort out the effects of announcement and the real advances in terms of taking into account the common good by tech companies. The numerous cases of data breaches, for example, have shown the extent of progress still to be made. However, Satjiv Chahil remains positive and even welcomes the action taken by Emmanuel Macron through the Tech For Good summit.

I have a lot of admiration for Emmanuel Macron. He has made a very bold and progressive move at a time when others are choosing to go in the opposite direction. […] He needs to come to Silicon Valley and share his perspective and vision for the future. He must also build a digital “Golden Gate Bridge” between Silicon Valley and France and thus lead the current across the country and Europe to impact the world in a more positive way.“, Estimates the ex-CMO of Apple.