Teamleader sets out to storm the French market

by bold-lichterman

After the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy, Team leader today opens an office in Paris.

Founded in 2008 by three Belgian students, Jeroen De Wit, Willem Delbare and Mathias De Lore, the start-up is developing a management platform for start-ups, very small businesses and SMEs. The company wants to make small businesses (between 2 and 50 employees) forget the Excel spreadsheet by offering them “a simple, complete, mobile and affordable solution», Explains Guillaume Broutart, Country Manager France of Teamleader. It is thus possible for users to manage their customer relationship, their invoicing or their different project in its entirety on the same medium. Teamleader also allows a hundred integration with tools such as Sage or Stripe. The platform is accessible from 25 euros per month for two users.

With nearly 400 French clients, including Let’s Clic or Le Petit Studio, the opening of this office in Paris will allow the start-up to develop its presence in France. The objective is to “remain 100% focused on start-ups, micro-businesses and SMEs»And not to compete with well-established players like Sellsy.

Key data:

  • Founders : Jeroen De Wit, Willem Delbare and Mathias De Lore
  • Creation date : 2008, product launch in 2012
  • Fundraising : 3 for a total amount of 13.5 million euros