Tchap begins to replace WhatsApp in state services

by bold-lichterman

The state has started to deploy its secure private messaging, Tchap, intended to replace WhatsApp or Telegram for communications by agents of state or government services, Nadi Bou Hanna, the interministerial digital director, said on Tuesday. Messaging has just been made available on Apple and Google application stores, said Bou Hanna. Designed in collaboration with New Vector, a Franco-British start-up, it is ” end-to-end encrypted “, and is hosted on state servers, explained Mr. Bou Hanna.

It is accessible to people with a professional email address in .gouv or similar. ” We are going to add videophony and telephony very quickly ” on this application, added Mr. Bou Hanna. The application developed on open source code may be occasionally accessible to people outside the State services. This will allow the constitution of working groups bringing together private and public. The state will also soon have its own video conference service, Jitsi, said Bou Hanna.

Nadi Bou Hanna has headed for several months the Dinsic (interministerial department of digital and the information and communication system of the State), a service of about 145 people responsible for coordinating the action of the major State administrations in computer science. The name “Tchap” refers to Claude Chappe’s optical telegraph, put into service during the Revolution and which was used until the middle of the 19th century and the arrival of the electric telegraph.