Taxibeat, TravelRoad, Resto Flash: the last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Taxibeat, the personalized taxi from Greece …TravelRoad, your travel agent in your pocket …Flash Restaurant dematerializes your restaurant vouchers… Focus on 3 new applications.

Taxibeat TravelRoad Resto Flash the last 3 applications to discover

Taxibeat, the personalized taxi from Greece

The application Taxibeat, founded by Nick Drandakis, Nick Damilakis, Kostis Sakkas and Michael Sfictos, is launching in Paris. In the same vein asUber or that Private driver, this allows users to locate and book a taxi nearby, and then rate it once the trip is over. In addition to the location, the taxi selection is made here according to many criteria: baby seat, credit card, pets, wifi and many others.

Taxi drivers who use the system pay neither installation fees nor monthly subscriptions. Instead, Taxibeat charges a small commission on the final amount of the rides, at no additional cost to passengers.

Taxibeat has shown a fairly aggressive international deployment strategy over the past four months. After launching in May 2011 in Athens, the application has recently expanded to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil, then to Oslo and Bucharest. A list on which we can now add Paris. The company, since its creation, has raised nearly € 1m, and is said to be on the verge of raising between € 4m and € 5m.

For its launch in the City of Light, Taxibeat, available for free on ios and Android, offers 15 € free transport to all Parisians who will send an email to [email protected] The offer is available until December 20.

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TravelRoad, your travel agent in your pocket

Launched a few days ago, TravelRoad is an application ios specializing in the design of tailor-made trips. The user can build his trip there, step by step, including transport, hotels and activities according to his tastes, affinities, and budget.

TravelRoad will thus, depending on the criteria entered by the user, suggest different similar routes, adding informative icons (weather, currency, seasons, etc.). The user just has to make his choice.

Once your trip has been booked directly from the application, TravelRoad gathers all your confirmations (hotel reservations, flights, airport summons), information on the country you are going to, recommendations drawn up by its team of travelers as well as local transport timetables to be used on site, all in a pocket travel diary.

Resto Flash dematerializes your restaurant vouchers

Created in 2011 but officially launched in September 2012 in Ile-de-France, Flash Restaurant is a mobile application (ios and Android) which allows you to dematerialize your restaurant vouchers by automatically receiving them on your smartphone in the form of a QR Code.

The employee can pay for his lunch with his mobile by selecting the number of tickets needed and then having the QR Code scanned by the restaurant owner. To be able to use Resto Flash, however, the restaurant in which the employee eats lunch must be equipped with the Resto Flash system.

According to its co-founders, Resto Flash should have 35 Parisian customers in the first quarter of 2013. Followed by 36 shareholders, the company aims to expand internationally from 2014, starting with Brazil and China.

1605966343 341 Taxibeat TravelRoad Resto Flash the last 3 applications to discover