Target2Sell raises 1 million euros to cultivate its difference

by bold-lichterman

The amount

Target2Sell, the start-up specializing in behavioral analysis on e-commerce websites, has raised € 1 million mainly from its historical shareholders based in Luxembourg and Belgium (via the Belgian fund Internet Attitude). Concretely, the company adapts the e-commerce site to each visitor, by displaying the product which, according to its statistics, will be most likely to interest them.

The market

The company is present in Germany, Spain, Russia and soon in Italy. It claims a hundred references among e-merchants (including Auchan, Monoprix,

It invoices its customers at a flat rate depending on the traffic of each site, ranging from 10,000 euros to more than 100,000 euros annually. It also provides APIs for e-merchant information systems.

But the market has a host of new players positioning themselves on the same services, with similar technology. “Many promise efficient algorithms, but most of these offers are not serious …”, notes François Ziserman, CEO of Target2Sell. “It’s not enough to have technologies, you need a product that customers can easily use,” he adds.

ziserman portrait
Francois Ziserman

The objectives of the Start-up

The company wants to “continue the effort and accelerate internationally, with the challenge of industrialization and improving the quality of our services”, explains the co-founder. It currently has 25 employees and plans to double its workforce within 18 months.

Among its challenges, R&D accounts for a third of its total expenditure and occupies seven positions. “We need a lot of trains, CPUs for our solution to adapt to ERP, CRM, product software; every e-merchant is demanding ”.

The company aims for a turnover of one million euros for 2015. “At the beginning, it was difficult to differentiate yourself. Today, the market is more mature; customers ask better questions. We want to become a European leader within two to three years ”, specifies François Ziserman.

Founder: François Ziserman and Adrien Coutarel

Workforce: 25

The head office: Rennes

Fundraising: $ 4 million in 3 years

Creation date : 2012