Target launches its first voice-activated discount coupon

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In brief

  • In the United States, voice assistant users already make 3% of their e-commerce purchases through this channel
  • In partnership with Google Home, Target launched its first couponing campaign
  • The promotion, which was originally scheduled to last longer, was halted on April 3 because its goals were met.

In details

It was predictable. The personal voice assistants were not going to be confined to giving the weather forecast or indicating the opening hours of surrounding businesses. Target, in partnership with Google, launched its first voice-activated promotional campaign.


Consumers activate their coupon by saying “spring into Target” to their Google Assistant voice assistant (or typing the sesame on their Google Assistant app). They then receive a $ 15 discount coupon to be used on their next Target order made by April 21, through Google Express, Google’s fast delivery service.

Alexa (Amazon) already distributes discount coupons by voice, but has so far not partnered with brands or retailers.

Target launches its first voice activated discount coupon

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Photo credit: Christopher Dydyk Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

The coupon on the Google Assistant app

1605308538 625 Target launches its first voice activated discount coupon

1605308538 704 Target launches its first voice activated discount coupon



On the Target Google couponing campaign

1605308538 489 Target launches its first voice activated discount coupon1605308539 946 Target launches its first voice activated discount couponVoice coupons are the next natural step in customer voice activation “, Explain Duane Forrester, vice president of industry insights at Yext, the leader in Digital Knowledge Management (DKM) in Adweek.

Duane Forrester is already waiting for the next step that Target and Google will decide to take in the light of the lessons of this test. ” Google and Target have already forged a solid partnership on e-commerce by voice. This couponing campaign is not a small isolated device. It is part of a broad plan where two of the biggest brands are joining forces to oppose one of the biggest brands.. Amazon, not to name it.

On voice commerce

Cited by the Wall Street Journal, Nesté, Unilever and Capgemini demonstrate the importance they attach to Voice Commerce:

Over the next five years, half of all web searches will be by voice.

Voice assistant users will order 18% of their total Ecommerce purchases on a voice assistant over the next three years (up from 3% currently).

Of all the disruptions that technology creates in our industry, voice is one of the most transformative. In terms of digital investment, this is our top priority.

Monetize the voice. Through trade?

The advertising business model voice assistants (search or advertising) have yet to be found.

But the commercial ROI? Even if purchases assisted by voice represent only a tiny part of all online sales, this proportion is growing and the habit of ordering remotely (fast food restaurant) or buying by voice. It made sense that a large retailer like Target would come to offer a discount coupon by voice. Especially since when questioned, we realize that frequent users of voice assistants buy by voice, and … they like (as on all channels) promotions.

A independent investigation conducted by Google in the United States on owners of voice assistants who use them at least once a month (Amazon Echo / Dot and Google Home) provide two lessons:

  • Almost one in two regular voice assistant users control their shopping by voice

44% of people who use their voice assistants at least once a week answer that they use the tool to order products such as groceries or household products at least once a week.

  • Information on offers and promotions, at the top of the information to be received (52%)

52% of these people want to receive marketing and promotional information from brands in the first place. We are there to buy and take advantage of all possible offers.

1605308539 51 Target launches its first voice activated discount coupon

1605308540 866 Target launches its first voice activated discount coupon

Source: Google / Peerless Insights, ‘Voice-Activated Speakers: People’s Lives Are Changing’, Aug. 2017,

Voice Commerce, a promising channel for Target

Target was one of the first brands to test Google Express (now Shopping Actions). The service was rolled out nationwide in 2017. Because the results are there: in the last six months, Target has seen the average amount of an order placed by Google Express increase by almost 20% . ” Our customers appreciate the ease and convenience of shopping without lifting a finger, using the voice interface. And since orders are shipped from a Target store near their home, items will be delivered to their homes in just two days. “Explains Mike McNamara, Chief Information and Digital Officer of Target.

Last month, Google evolved its offer by launching Shopping Actions, which simplifies searches or purchases on the Google Assistant, thanks to a “universal cart” regardless of the channel used the customer: mobile phone, computer or Google Home device.

Predominance of Amazon Echo

Target has joined forces with Google. Keep in mind though, Alexa’s market share: According to Emarketer, 35.6 million Americans this year use a voice-activated assistant at least once a month this year, of which 70.6% are using Amazon Echo, 23.8% Google Home.

1605308541 259 Target launches its first voice activated discount coupon

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