[Talent] Mathieu Parisot, the new Monsieur Digital from Parrot

by bold-lichterman

When asked how he got to Parrot, Mathieu Parisot, 35, makes it simple: “I responded to an ad posted on the site. “

A few months later, and at the end of a recruitment process that he himself describes as “brilliant and very human”, he is ready to don his new head of digital costume.

[h2]A “researcher”[/h2]

A suit in the continuity of the one he wore at Philips, where this ESSEC graduate, specializing in marketing, has spent his entire career. “I started with three years in sales, I was a commercial in the Southwest. Then I returned to the head office in Paris, one year in marketing, and six years in digital. “

Unlike Parrot, whose digital strategy is already well in place, it says it has “built everything”: digital for Philips in France, CRM, presence on the social web, syndication of content on e-commerce partners recently etc. He looked like a “researcher”, who does not go all the way when it comes to testing a new tool or changing strategy. The “Do It Yourself” spirit, as he calls it.

Is this what attracted Parrot recruiters? Or his expertise, and his vision for digital (“I believe in the hardware-software tandem” he says)? Because Mathieu confesses to himself that he is not “a gamer”: “My consoles were collecting dust”. Even if he adopted the Zik helmet For some time, he only tested the drone and piloting last week, in Paris. And he was amazed.

[h2]Youtube and Instagram in the viewfinder[/h2]

One thing is certain, the “do it yourself” spirit should be useful to him at Parrot, since it will be responsible for enriching the site with content, optimizing the brand’s visibility on the web, and animating its community (6,200 followers on Twitter, 330,000 likes on Facebook, 3,300 subscribers on Youtube). For this, Mathieu intends immediately to rely on Parrot’s Youtube channel and, why not, on Instagram, since he “believes a lot in photography”.

For now, it’s “Flower power”, Parrot’s plant sensor, which should mobilize its team of four: its official launch will not be long in coming.

The three hashtags that best define you: #music #digital #slide

In his back to school satchel, is there? A helmet, a few pens and a notebook that I’m sure I won’t finish, and a mug with a quote from Brian Eno: “The problem with computers is that there isn’t enough Africa. in. “

When you’re not at Parrot, what do you do? I listen to music, cook and practice board sports.

Your Twitter account? @mathieuparisot

Parrot specializes in bluetooth

Workforce: 750 employees

Creation date : 1994

Turnover: 280.5 million euros in 2012

His Twitter account: @Parrot