Takeover of SFR: a director of Vivendi denounces “spectacular and shocking pressures”

by bold-lichterman

The public authorities would have sided with Bouygues Telecom ” without knowing the file

While SFR was sold to Numericable after several months of negotiations, Henri Lachmann, an important member of the supervisory board of Vivendi – the parent company of the operator in the red square -, and former CEO of Schneider Electric, would have commented on the progress of the negotiations, discussions which would have been very tense.

Invited this morning by the Cercle, an association that identifies foundations in France, Mr. Lachmann would have spoken of “Spectacular and shocking pressures” reports The Parisian. Denouncing the “establishment”, he also believes that the public authorities had sided with Bouygues ” without knowing the file ”Whereas, according to him, more than 5,000 jobs were threatened in such a scenario although the group had undertaken not to carry out massive social plan.

Fleur Pellerin and Arnaud Montebourg had indeed expressed reservations about the Numericable case. Where the former Minister of Productive Recovery believed that “This poses many problems, it is a small company that will go into heavy debt to make this acquisition” [en savoir plus : Arnaud Montebourg sera vigilant sur les conséquences de la cession de SFR à Altice / Numéricable, ndlr], the former Minister for the Digital Economy, for his part, underlined that “there is a tax problem since Numericable has a holding company in Luxembourg, his company is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, his personal participation is in Guernsey in a tax haven of Her Majesty the Queen of England, and that he himself is a Swiss resident ” [en savoir plus : Fleur Pellerin menace à demi mot Patrick Drahi (Altice / Numéricable) , ndlr].

Ultimately, this outcry would have worked in favor of Altice, the parent company of Numericable. “The refusal of the other, the sectarianism of the entire establishment have certainly played in Drahi’s favor as well. This file is the illustration of the ostracism of which the French establishment is capable when one is not one of them ”he would have added according to The Parisian.