Takeover of MFG Labs: exclusive interview with Dominique Delport, Havas Media

by bold-lichterman

Update Thursday June 6:

Dominique Delport is Global Managing Director at Havas Media:

Paris, June 5 – According to our information, the Havas group, a subsidiary of the Bolloré group, announces the acquisition of MFG Labs, an agency specializing in data analysis co-founded by Henri Verdier today at the head of ‘Etalab. This is a firm acquisition and not an equity investment.

Dominique Delport, at the head of Havas Media, takes the chairmanship of the management board ofMFG Labs. The organization of MFG Labs, based in Paris, will revolve around three “key” people: Julien Laugel, as Chief Data Officer (CDO), Joachim de Lézardière as Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Benoit Vidal , who takes the title of Chief Digital Officer (CDO). [L’interview de Benoît Vidal, également fondateur de Dataveyes, spécialisée dans la data-visualisation].

MFG Labs has developed several skills around data strategy, data science and mathematical research. MFG Labs designs social web and big data based web applications and services. Founded in February 2009, the company was created by Pierre-Louis Lions (Field medal), professor at the Collège de France and at the University of Paris Dauphine, Jean-Michel Lasry, of the University of Paris Dauphine, Olivier Guéant master of conference at Denis Diderot University and Sciences Po, and Henri Verdier, Internet entrepreneur. MFG Labs has notably developed CineMur.

This morning, Havas (Bolloré Group) announced at a general meeting a budget of 30 to 40 million euros for group acquisitions. External growth is confirmed with the takeover of MFG Labs, which will give another ambition to the “Havas Village”, the regrouping of all the group’s entities.

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