Tablets, videos, digital … The last 3 studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

Tablonauts addicted to videos?, The average price of tablets has fallen by 21% in one year, The key figures of digital in business … Focus on three new studies.

Tablonauts addicted to videos?

Tablets videos digital The last 3 studies to discover

According to the latest figures published by comScore, more than 50% of tablet users in the United States viewed videos on their device last April, compared to just 20% of smartphone users. This activity would also be more regular. Indeed, 18.9% of American tablonauts watch videos on their tablet at least once a week, and 9.5% watch it almost daily. Among tablet users who watched at least one video in the month, 26.7% did not hesitate to pay to watch the content in question. A figure which therefore underlines the monetization potential offered by this medium for content producers.

Average tablet price drops 21% in one year

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Still in the area of ​​tablets, according to a recent study from IMS Research, the average price of tablets would have fallen by around 21% over one year. Indeed, according to the research firm, in the 1st quarter of 2012, tablets were sold on average at a price of $ 386. This drop in prices is explained in particular by entry-level tablets which are now marketed below the $ 200 mark. The arrival of Apple’s new iPad and the move from iPad 2 to $ 399 would also have contributed to this price drop. In addition, IMS Research alludes to the imminent arrival on the market of the new Kindle Fire and the tablet developed by Google. These two new products should have the effect of raising the level of functionality offered by low cost manufacturers while maintaining prices.

The key figures of digital in business

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According to a recent study Opinion Way, conducted on behalf of the Progress Management Association (APM), 95% of business leaders surveyed consider the use of digital technology in business to be “useful”. For 49%, digital technology is even essential for the performance of French companies in general.

Paradoxically, despite this positive opinion of digital development, 73% of business leaders surveyed have not set up specific digital training within their company and do not plan to do so. 67% believe, however, that it is up to business leaders to support and encourage the use of digital technology in their business. The study underlines, in this sense, a weak limitation of internet access in business. In fact, nearly 80% of managers have not implemented any blocking intended for their employees.

However, in terms of social networks, platforms seem to be little used for professional use. Thus, if 92% of business leaders use Facebook on a personal basis in business, only 27% use it for professional reasons. Viadeo, Twitter and LinkedIn are also used very little.