Synthesio’s strategy to reach 60% of turnover in the USA

by bold-lichterman

At the time, “there were four or five of us in New York. Now, we have an office of around forty people, ”explains Loïc Moisand, CEO and founder of Synthesio, about its American subsidiary. His company, specialized in monitoring and analyzing discussions on social networks about brands, achieves, ten years after its creation, nearly 50% of its turnover across the Atlantic.

A proportion that Synthesio wishes to increase in the coming years. Moreover, the company, which has to face competition from other players such as Oracle, Salesforce or even Sysomos and Linkfluence, again completed a fundraising of 8 million euros in March to finance this acceleration across the Atlantic. . A roundtable that follows a previous fundraising of 14 million euros in 2014, already with the objective of financing its development in the country of Uncle Sam, but also in Asia which represents a significant part of its turnover. ‘business.

Image analysis

Beyond this geographical deployment, it is also its own technology that Synthesio has developed last year in order to analyze “600 million data sources” continuously. If Facebook or Twitter are integrated into its radar, the company is also interested in Pinterest, a social network that relies a lot on images. Synthesio therefore had to adapt by integrating image recognition technology. Thus, it does not matter whether a reference to a mark is published in written or visual form, it will in all cases be identified. “It will be exactly the same if you have mentioned Pepsi or if you have posted an image with a Pepsi logo,” explains Loïc Moisand.

In all cases, the goal remains the same: to provide companies with a solution to assess their performance on social networks. This may involve measuring the effectiveness of a communication campaign, evaluating the meaning of a discussion (positive or negative) or even identifying “influencers” in a particular sector.

Interview with Loïc Moisand, co-founder of Synthesio:

CEO: Loïc Moisand and Thibault Hanin

Creation: 2006

The head office : Paris

Offices: London, New York, Singapore

Activity: watch on social networks

Funding: more than 22 million euros raised

Competitors: Oracle, Linkfluence, Sysomos …

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