[Syntec Top250] Software companies have created 10,000 jobs in two years

by bold-lichterman

The Syntec Digital yesterday organized its fourth edition of Top 250 Software Publishers and Creators at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris – Île-de-France region. Several prizes were awarded to four French start-ups: Scality in the “innovation” category, Intersec for “international”, Focus Home Interactive for “video games” and FinalCAD ​​for the “public prize”.

In 2013, the sector generated 9.2 billion euros in turnover, up 6% despite a difficult economic context according to the study carried out by EY for the occasion. However, the sector remains highly concentrated since 76% of turnover is achieved by 7% of companies. Proof of the evolution of the profession, 17% of revenues are now generated in SaaS, ie through marketing in the form of a service.

In this context, R&D is one of the main growth engines and constitutes one of the DNA of the sector since 20% of turnover is invested in research and development in companies of less than 50 million euros of turnover, and 13% above. In this context, the research tax credit is more popular than ever (79% of respondents in the study used it), but in 34% of cases, there was a tax audit according to the study.

In the end, in two years, more than 10,000 net jobs were created, for a total of 107,437 workers. A trend that should continue since 75% of companies surveyed by the EY firm intend to recruit. Among the most sought-after skills, developers alone crystallize 68% of the desired profiles.