Syntec Numérique and TECH IN France merge to become the reference organization for Tech

by bold-lichterman

The professional union Syntec Numérique and the professional association TECH IN France announce their “Reconciliation via a merger »For 2021. The two companies aim to constitute “The new benchmark organization for the digital sector in France”. While the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transition, the two groups particularly want to carry the voice of the sector and embody digital France in Europe and around the world.

A representation “stronger in France and in Europe ”

Syntec Numérique, the professional union of digital service companies (ESN), software publishers and technology consulting companies, brings together more than 2,000 member companies. Its merger with TECH IN France, which brings together and represents publishers of software, Internet services and platforms in France, will allow it to create a new brand, in a context where the digital transition is accelerating since the Covid-19 pandemic. . TECH IN France, which has 400 member companies (90,000 jobs), sees here the opportunity to “ have a much stronger representation in France and in Europe “.

The two groups aim to become the meeting point of the digital ecosystem and to animate this ecosystem to link companies in the sector. Syntec Numérique and TECH IN France also state that they want to strengthen services to these digital companies by offering them support and expertise. “I am delighted with this merger which crowns a year of fruitful collaboration with TECH IN France”, comments Godefroy de Bentzmann, president of Syntec Numérique since 2016. “This period of pandemic has not only accelerated the digital transformation but also the evolution of the economic models already at work; the merger will allow us to best support our ecosystem in the face of these upheavals. “