[SXSW] Live from South By Southwest in Austin # 3: Highlight, the rising app

by bold-lichterman

Delphine Rémy-Boutang (The Social Bureau), covers for FrenchWeb and Live Orange Blog, the 19th edition of South by Southwest Interactive which takes place in Austin-Texas until tonight. New meeting around an American “next big thing” in recent weeks: SXSW Live from South By Southwest in Austin 3application Highlight.

It geolocates you permanently and, drawing on your Facebook profile, sends you an alert as soon as a friend, a friend of your friends, or someone who shares affinities with you, is nearby. Highlight relies 100% on Facebook and your smartphone’s GPS, for the moment making your battery constantly strained. Twitter and Foursquare have entered the radars at SXSW, Highlight seems to be taking advantage of this Texan springboard.