Swarmbird bets on live-tweet in collaborative mode

by bold-lichterman

Created in February 2016, but offered to the general public in July 2016, Swarmbird was founded by Fabien Samour, Thomas Brouwer, Antoine Turmel and Antoine Verney. The tool allows several people to manage a Twitter account during an event. An editor-in-chief is appointed to verify the tweeted information and manage the editorial line of the account during live tweets. More details with Fabien Samour, co-founder of Swarmbird.

FrenchWeb: What problem does Swarmbird solve?

fabien-samour-swarmbirdFabien Samour, co-founder of Swarmbird: We created Swarmbird to respond to a simple problem: how to optimize the coverage of an event on twitter while having several working on the same account, without sharing the password. The idea came from noting on the ground the difficulty and the hiccups that it represented to open the accesses of a twitter account to several people. Whether for spelling, hashtag omissions, editorial quality, media relevance and above all to avoid errors with personal accounts, the drama of the tweet fail which ruins all your efforts and the brand image of the account administered, by rebound that of your event, company or personality.

What’s your value proposition?

By using Swarmbird, a social media team operates more serenely to cover any type of event, be it conferences, sport, follow a policy throughout the year. Because all contributions are proofread by an “editor-in-chief” of the account before publication on Twitter. This makes it possible to multiply the points of view, to cover several spaces at the same time. Swarmbird also ensures the automatic presence of the # (s) validated by the administrator, a plus for visibility and a real worry less for editors, no more errors or possible forgetting. The account administrator can also, if necessary, add or remove media from the contributions according to their relevance in order to increase the engagement and the quality aspect of the contributions. live tweets products. Bonus, at the end of live tweet, it is possible to download the texts, photos and videos archive.

Who are the users of your solutions?

All structures such as communication agencies, events, the media, politicians who need to produce on the go, content for several on a Twitter account while retaining a right of validation and guaranteeing the security of the account. For example, during Web2Day 2016, a tech event that took place in Nantes, 25 community managers tweeted live the 196 conferences in three different rooms. The organizers deployed Swarmbird and thus could have peace of mind about the quality of the live tweet without making any subsequent corrections.

Media like Ocean Press who covered the demonstrations against the labor law in Nantes also use it. With its journalists distributed along the processions, they were able to provide more information live while knowing that the administrator would correct the contributions and could if necessary verify the information before publishing it or not on the media account. This allowed us to be selected to join OFF7, the start-up accelerator of the Ouest-France Group.

What is your development plan?

We will gradually bring new features to the tool, to make it more complete and relevant for the live tweet. It is also expected that part of the team will spend full time to accelerate development and marketing with the goal of releasing the English version in early 2017 and launching Swarmbird internationally.

What are your challenges?

The challenges for Swarmbird are to make itself known and recognized as THE solution to live tweet multi-contributors to our targets:

  • media editorial staff (newspapers, radios, TVs);

  • event organizers (sports, conferences, festivals, etc.);

  • business communication services;

  • politicians and personalities.

We are just starting to market Swarmbird, so the objective is to acquire customers, to retain them, for them to report their needs to us, to respond to them and to make things happen in the salons.

In terms of HR, we will have communication and sales force needs. For this we are studying the establishment of a network of independent CMs using Swarmbird and if they wish to be a prescriber of the tool.

Who are your competitors?

Strictly speaking, in the form of our webapp we have no very identified competitor. We can mention Tweetdeck which allows multi-contributor, but it does not exist in a mobile version, contributors must have their own Twitter account, it is not possible to extract an archive from your live tweet, the # are not automatic and the confidentiality of the account (DM, notification) is not assured which in certain uses can be problematic, I am thinking of the accounts of politicians and personalities.

Founders: Fabien Samour, Thomas Brouwer, Antoine Turmel and Antoine Verney

Creation date : february 2016

Fundraising : any

Capital: 4000 euros

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