Surprise searches of several European operators

by bold-lichterman

The European Commission is trying to find out whether the telecoms and internet groups have sinned by abusing a dominant position.

The European Commission therefore entered several operators without warning yesterday. Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica are said to be affected by the searches. Brussels suspects them of having violated European rules on abuse of a dominant position.

At Orange, the investigation is confirmed, he indicates that it could last several days. Orange says it wants to cooperate fully. In its press release, Orange is reassuring: “the French Competition Authority had already pronounced in September 2012 with a decision” who exonerated the group “.

The searches were carried out as part of an investigation in Brussels into possible abuses of dominant positions in the market for the provision of internet access. Indeed, we are talking here about “interconnection services” between Internet operators, who connect to each other to deliver a global service and cover a large area in terms of the Internet.