Summer Digest 2018: what happened in Tech this summer?

by bold-lichterman

August 27 – Michel Paulin is appointed CEO of OVH Group.

Strongly embodied since its creation by Octave Klaba, its emblematic founder, OVH has a new CEO in the person of Michel Paulin. Among his main missions, he will have to ensure the implementation of the “Smart Cloud” strategic plan. Octable Klaba will remain with the northern company as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

August 24 – Waymo, the Alphabet subsidiary dedicated to autonomous vehicles, has opened a subsidiary in China.

Called Huimo Business Consulting Co, the subsidiary was set up to create a network of suppliers, not to launch an autonomous vehicle service on site.

August 23 – Eventbrite wants to raise $ 200 million in its IPO.

In 2017, the platform achieved a turnover of 200 million dollars, an increase of 50% compared to 2016. Not yet profitable, it lost 38 million dollars last year.

Aug 22 – Hyundai led a $ 14.3 million funding round in Indian car rental startup Revv.

Present in 11 cities in India, the young company has a fleet of 1,000 vehicles. This investment marks an acceleration of the Korean manufacturer in mobility services. Hyundai estimates that the number of rental vehicles in India will increase from 15,000 to 50,000 in 2020 before reaching the 150,000 car mark in 2022.

August 21 – Japanese giant SoftBank takes the lead over Getaround’s $ 300 million fundraiser.

Like the French Drivy, the American company offers vehicle rental between individuals without key delivery. Operational in 66 cities in the United States, the Californian start-up plans to expand into North America before heading internationally.

August 17 – A search engine project in China arouses the ire of Google collaborators.

At the beginning of August, the American site The Intercept revealed the existence of “Dragonfly”, a code name that hides a censored version of Google respecting Beijing’s censorship rules.

August 16 – DoorDash, an American start-up specializing in meal delivery, raised $ 250 million.

An operation that enhances her to $ 4 billion.

August 16 – Intel acquires Vertex.AI to scale up deep learning.

The American start-up team will join that of Movidius, a company that designs low-power chips dedicated to computer vision that fell into the hands of Intel two years ago, within the intelligence division. artificial giant of Santa Clara.

Aug 15 – Uber lost $ 891 million in the second quarter.

Between April and June, the VTC platform still recorded a turnover of 2.8 billion dollars, up 63% over one year.

August 14 – Alphabet injects $ 375 million into Oscar Health.

Founded in 2012, this American start-up aims to revolutionize health insurance. Earlier this year, Oscar Health joined forces with French insurer Axa.

August 9 – Samsung and Spotify team up to fight Apple Music.

The Spotify app will now be pre-installed on all new Samsung devices, that is to say on its smartphones, tablets, televisions or even on its new connected speaker Galaxy Home.

Summer Digest 2018 what happened in Tech this summer

August 7 – Elon Musk wants to get Tesla off the stock market.

An operation which could in particular be financed by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund.

August 7 – The American collaborative work platform Slack has raised $ 427 million.

An operation that values ​​the company at more than $ 7 billion.

August 6 – BlaBlaCar increases its strike force in Russia tenfold with the takeover of BeepCar.

With 15 million members, Russia is today the leading market for the French carpooling platform, ahead of France and its 14 million subscribers.

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Credits: BlaBlaCar.

August 6 – Smartphone reconditioner Remade borrows 125 million euros, the equivalent of its annual turnover.

The French company is now looking abroad, the loan should allow it to expand to the United States and Morocco, from where it will target the African market.

August 6 – Talao raised 7,300 ethers, or approximately 2.6 million euros.

This operation is a step in Talao’s ambition to raise a total of $ 60 million in ICOs within 5 years. The Toulouse company wishes to develop its decentralized autonomous organization on the blockchain dedicated to people working freelance.

August 2 – Grab, the Singaporean VTC company operating in Southeast Asia, raised $ 2 billion to strengthen itself against the competition.

Half of the funding comes from Japanese automaker Toyota.

August 2nd – Deezer has completed a round of funding of 160 million euros to conquer the Middle East.

This operation will increase the value of the French platform, which has 14 million active users in 180 countries, to $ 1 billion, thus bringing the company into the very closed circle of French unicorns.

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Credit: Piotr Adamowicz / Shutterstock

Aug 1 – Formlabs raised $ 15 million to become a unicorn, a rare occurrence for a hardware company.

It has been funded to the tune of $ 100 million since its inception in 2011.

August 1 – Facebook and Instagram will report how much time you spend on their apps each day.

The solution already active in the United States must then be deployed in Europe.

August 1 – Naked Labs raises $ 14 million to develop your body shape analysis software.

This solution is used to measure different information to guide you in your fitness program by showing you the areas of your body that you can improve.

July 31 – Binance, the largest cryptocurrency marketplace by volume, makes its first acquisition, with Trust Wallet, an Ethereum storage app.

Binance plans to devote 20% of its results to its exogenous development. The company made a profit of nearly $ 500 million.

July 31 – Israeli start-up Skyline AI has raised $ 18 million.

Led by Guy Zipori, Skyline AI analyzes the real estate market and provides information on the evolution of prices for purchase or rental.

July 31 – Xwing raised $ 4 million from the founders of Stripe.

The Californian start-up publishes a software solution to improve the autopilot of small planes.

July 31 – Test.Ai raised $ 11 million

It is a solution for testing mobile applications using artificial intelligence. The round table was led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI investment fund.

July 30 – Uber is ditching the autonomous truck to focus on its driverless car projects.

The VTC platform will nevertheless continue its activities in traditional road transport via its Uber Freight application, which, since last year, has put truck drivers in touch with companies wishing to transport goods.

July 30 – Gusto, the payroll management solution publisher, achieved a new funding round of $ 140 million, ($ 316 million since its creation in 2012).

Gusto has more than 60,000 corporate clients.