[Success Story] AppGratis, a French application that appeals internationally

by bold-lichterman

Co-founded in October 2010 by Simon Dawlat, the start-up iMediapp, edits the AppGratis application (ex-AppFree). With “an ugly app but cool tips” for baseline, the application is based on an extremely simple and now well-known concept: every day, a paid application is offered free of charge.


On the occasion of its launch in the United States, the start-up unveiled a series of promising figures. From now on Available in 11 languages, the application claims to have been downloaded 6M times in 30 different countries and has nearly 1M daily users.

With an operational team of 40 people based in France, the start-up also has offices in Brazil, Germany, Spain and Italy and intends to open two new entities in the United States and the United Kingdom during this year.

Developed in equity since its inception, AppGratis now claims an average monthly turnover of $ 1M. A more than honorable income which allows it to be self-financing.

To stand out from other similar services, AppGratis emphasizes a personalized editorial line. On the menu: a daily newsletter with advice and various winks. The application is also trying to get out of the game by giving more importance to practical and innovative services to the detriment of games. Finally, the application is equipped with an algorithm that analyzes the habits of its users to offer them applications in line with their tastes and needs.

Thanks to this effective formula, a campaign would generate 300 to 400,000 downloads of the application of the day.

AppGratis is also available on Android but only in French for the moment. A new version, like the one offered on the App Store, is also in the pipeline.