Stripe launches “buy” button on Twitter

by bold-lichterman

Stripe, a Californian start-up specializing in online payments, yesterday unveiled a new solution to easily pay for purchases from a mobile application or other platforms such as Twitter.

Purchase in tweets

Called “Stripe Relay”, the offer allows e-merchants to publish, via an API, their catalog on a multitude of platforms and sell them directly via a “buy” button. But rather than redirecting the user to a mobile web page, the transaction is carried out without the user leaving the platform or application on which they are located. The idea is to simplify the process and avoid basket abandonment.

To launch its solution, the company entered into an agreement with a major partner: Twitter. Thus, e-merchants can market their products directly in their tweets which then indicate the specifics of the product and a “buy” button. Already last year, rumors suggested that the two companies were working together on such a solution.

Mobile, “60% of traffic, but only 15% of purchases”

“Today, mobile e-commerce sites do not work: shopping carts in ten steps, registration required, pages slow to load. When we are tied to a cart on our phone, we have a habit of giving up, ”the company explains in a blog post. “Although mobile devices represent 60% of browsing traffic for e-commerce sites, they only represent 15% of purchases”.

Founded in 2010, Stripe is a company specializing in online payments. This summer, the company raised just under $ 100 million, for an estimated valuation of $ 5 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal. Visa and American Express are among the shareholders.


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