Streaming + Uber + Otto Neuer (ex-Protegrity) = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • Streaming overtakes downloading in the US for the first time.
  • Uber launches a platform to share its travel data with cities.
  • 52,000 patents filed by GAFA and Microsoft since 2009.
  • Connected objects, AI: on which technologies are brands betting?
  • Budget: Vistaprint entrusts its customer acquisition strategy to My Media.
  • The nominations: Otto Neuer, Elsa Blanchard de la Brosse, Jean-Romain Lhomme…

music headphonesIn 2016, online music listening increased by 76% across the Atlantic. This is what the Nielsen Music firm reveals in its year-end report. This growth allows streaming to surpass download sales for the first time in the United States. The strong growth of streaming even led to a 3% increase in music consumption compared to 2015, says Nielsen Music.

Over the past twelve months, Americans have listened to 431 billion songs on on-demand music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.). Over the past year, Drake has been the most successful artist, both in terms of digital song sales and the stream of songs released (5.4 billion). His album “Views” was also the most listened to in 2016.

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<a href=> Uber </a> Movement “class =” size-medium wp-image-274281 alignright “height =” 175 ″ src = “http: // www. <a href=> Uber </a> -Movement1-550 × 309.png »style =» »title = »» Width = »250 ″ /> <a href=> Uber </a> tries to come to terms with the cities in which the VTC platform operates.  At least, the company headed by <strong> Travis Kalanick </strong> has just launched a platform, called “<a rel= Movement “, To provide access to the travel data of its drivers, and therefore of its customers, in the more than 450 cities served by Uber .

The VTC platform believes that its data could be used for the public good by planners, researchers and municipal services to improve urban mobility. In fact, cities could thus obtain information relating to average travel times, congestion zones or even the impact of major events on urban traffic. In order to ensure respect for the privacy of its users, the American company says that it will only offer access to its aggregated and anonymized data.

Through this partial release of its data, Uber seeks above all to get closer to the municipalities to enter into agreements with the authorities. And for good reason, the VTC platform is in conflict with several cities around the world, notably in San Francisco, where the company is based.

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  • Since 2009, the five US tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft have filed a total of 52,000 new patents, according to data CB Insights. It was in 2013 that the five companies filed the most patents, with more than 9,800 registrations recorded by the American research company. For the past 3 years, the number of registered filings has been decreasing each year, with 9,230 patents listed in 2014, 6,140 in 2015, and 2,221 in 2016.

    More specifically, Microsoft is leading the way in artificial intelligence (200 patents filed since 2009), and virtual and augmented reality. Not surprisingly, Google is the champion in the automotive field, closely followed by Apple and Amazon.


    Aligning online and offline customer journeys is one of the main business priorities of nearly 50% of brands, if we are to believe the results of a study carried out by iProspect and taken up by CB News. In terms of technologies, it is connected objects that lead the most exciting innovations (at 39%), followed by artificial intelligence (at 27%) and virtual reality (at 25%).


    My MediaVistaprint chose the agency My Media to manage its entire offline and online customer acquisition strategy for 2017. To drive the campaigns of the online printing specialist, Vistaprint will rely in particular on Leadsmonitor, a tool capable of real-time measurement the impact (leads, site traffic, etc.) of TV campaigns.

    Otto Neuer appointed Vice President of Sales for Central Europe at Talend

    otto-neuerThe society Talend, specialized in Big Data and Cloud integration solutions, decided to hire the services of Otto Neuer. The latter was appointed vice-president in charge of sales for Central Europe. Previously, Otto Neuer served as Managing Director and Executive Vice President of EMEA Sales at Protegrity.

    Elsa Blanchard de la Brosse becomes Business Developer at LittleCorner

    Elsa-Blanchard-de-la-BrosseElsa Blanchard de la Brosse joined LittleCorner as Business Developer. She is also CEO and co-founder of ShareEat.

    Jean-Romain Lhomme joins the board of directors of BrickVest

    Jean-Romain-LhommeJean-Romain Lhomme joins the board of directors of the financial marketplace BrickVest. He was previously a leader of Colony Capital Europe.

    The Napoleons 2017: Take power

    January 11-14, 2017

    The Napoleons will be the opportunity to reflect together on the impact of innovation, education, technologies and data on new conditions, sources, expressions… of power. When everyone is wondering about the means to conquer and exercise power, we will dig into other fundamental dimensions: the checks and balances, the real influence, the commitment to be made, the real places of power, the real impact of leaders.

    To know more.

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