StopCovid: the government hopes to see the application ready by the end of the month

by bold-lichterman

Government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye said on Sunday that she “ good hope ” that the controversial StopCovid digital tracking (tracing) app be ready by the end of May / early June. The Minister of Health Olivier Véran confirmed on Saturday that StopCovid would not be ” available “ on May 11 and that if she “Should see the light of day (…) there would be a specific debate in Parliament”.

“I am optimistic that from a technical point of view (StopCovid) will be ready at the end of May or at the beginning of June”, declared the government representative on France Inter / Le Monde / France Télévisions. “Then we will have a debate” who is ” legitimate “ in Parliament ” because there are obviously concerns, questions about respect for public freedoms ”, added Ms. Ndiaye.

The spokesperson recalled that this application could be ” useful “ in “Complement the health surveys that will be carried out by the health brigades to trace the chains of contamination”. ” When you are in contact in the metro or in a business with someone you do not know, you cannot give their name ” to health investigators, she explained.

This application, ” which does not use geolocation ”, allows ” through bluetooth to know with whom you have been in contact at a close distance, a short distance and for a certain time ”, developed Ms. Ndiaye. The key players in the project, Orange and Capgemini, said Thursday that the application should be ready for the second half of May.