StopCovid: the Cnil asks the government to resolve the “irregularities” of the tracking app

by bold-lichterman

The guardian of the private life of the French, the CNIL, on Monday asked the government to settle ” several irregularities “ regarding the controversial StopCovid contact tracing app. The latest version of StopCovid features “ several irregularities “, indicates in a press release the CNIL which recently carried out three control operations on the application. The Ministry of Solidarity and Health is ” given notice to remedy the situation within one month ‘, specifies the CNIL.

Among the irregularities, the CNIL notes that the information provided to users of the application “Should still be completed”, in particular with regard to the recaptcha (the device aimed at preventing “robots” from using the application). The impact analysis relating to the protection of personal data is also “incomplete” on the data kept for security purposes, in particular for the recaptcha, notes the CNIL. The CNIL is also asking the government to comment on the effectiveness of the application in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

StopCovid is controversial, both in principle and in the technical choices made by the government. Its opponents consider that it is not sufficiently useful in view of the risks it entails, particularly in terms of a shift towards a society of surveillance. She keeps a trace of all the people crossed during the last 15 days, within a meter. Commissioned in early June while the epidemic was in its descending phase, the application is little used, with a maximum number of users between 1.4 and 1.5 million people according to a government report on June 23.