StopCovid: faced with the failure of the tracking app, a new version will be released on October 22

by bold-lichterman

A new version of StopCovid, the French application for tracing coronavirus patients, will be launched on October 22, after the relative failure of its first version, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Monday on Franceinfo. StopCovid, in its current form, has been installed more than 2.6 million times since the start of June, significantly fewer than the UK and German apps, downloaded 16 and 18 million times respectively.

The application does’did not have the desired effects ”

According to government figures last week, only 7,969 people declared themselves positive, and 472 notifications were sent to potential contact cases. And the Prime Minister himself admitted on a television set at the end of September not to have downloaded the application, pleading a posteriori “honesty”. “I took a secure laptop, so I didn’t download TéléCovid (sic)”, he said on Monday, acknowledging that the app had ” did not have the desired effects ”. “The government, the President of the Republic, have asked to work on a new version which will be officially launched on October 22 and therefore at that time I will download it”, he added.

The Secretary of State for the Digital Cedric O admitted last week before the Senate that the application was walking “evil.” “If we want to relaunch the application, we need to find relays and allies. (…) If the medical professions consider it useful, then they must say so ”, he insisted, noting “Lack of confidence” from which political speech suffers. A new company is due to replace the French CapGemini at the end of October, who until then worked for free as a project manager. It will be designated through a call for tenders procedure, and the monthly ceiling for expenses related to the application will increase, from 100,000 euros today to “Probably around 200,000 euros”, said Cédric O.