StickyADStv launches AdSelector, pay-per-view video advertising

by bold-lichterman

Launched in November 2009, StickyADStv, is one of the pioneering agencies in France for in-stream video advertising (pre-roll and post-roll, overlay). It offers advertising monetization of TV programs broadcast in catch-up or ‘Replay’ mode, on the web, mobile devices, IPTV or even connected TVs.

StickyADStv launches AdSelector, a new video advertising format that allows Internet users to choose the advertising spot they want to see before viewing their video on the web. StickyADStv launches AdSelector pay per view video advertisingThe choice is offered in the video player for 10 seconds after the user clicks on the play button and the network announces interaction rates that are 50 to 80% higher than for a traditional pre-roll campaign.

The new AdSelector format is monetized at the CPE – Cost per Commitment. The advertising agency was already deploying the augmented pre-roll (combination of a pre-roll and an overlay for the same advertiser) and the community pre-roll (social variation of the pre-roll) offered to the CPM.

StickyADStv, has a team of 11 people and 2M video ads distributed per day. Find recent interview with Gilles Chetelat, Managing Director of StickyADStv.